She Rocks the Trails

TBD - No race for 2023

Auburn, CA

She Rocks the Trails Logo
Distances: 10K & 25K

Mission Statement

Our mission is to engage, educate & empower women of all backgrounds through trail running. By fostering a community, free of expectations and judgments, every women discovers her strength, courage & confidence for success on and off the trails.

The Values of NorCalUltras

Integrity - Acting with honesty without compromising the truth

Respect - Giving due respect to one self and others while maintaining a team environment that fosters growth

Commitment - Offering quality and consistent product, service and other initiatives that have impact within and outside NorCalUltras

Community - Creating sense of responsibility and contribution to the running world that define and shape our existence

Innovation - Cultivating ideas for NorCalUltras

Passion - Putting your heart and soul in to work to creating the best in everything you do.

Trail Sisters Certified

She Rocks the Trails is now Trail Sisters ceritifed!!